Custom Comfort Modification

Most seats are made for the average man's build, so unless you fit that mold you probably have a few discomfort issues with yours. Have medical issues, spine/lower back/tailbone injuries, or sciatica and need relief? Do you have trouble being flat footed and need to sit lower? Are the controls to far and you need to move forward? Are you very tall and need to move back for more room? Let us fix these issues for you for far greater comfort to fit YOUR build. At CycleOps USA we believe in ergonomics over snake oils like memory foam or gel pads. Call today and let us go through our Seat Fitment Q&A to learn what we can do for you.


- Lower you

- Raise you

- Move you forward

- Move you back

- Adjust for tailbone relief

- Inlay different foams to meet a specific preference

- Add luxury foam layer

- Add additional back support height 

- Correct previous poor modifications

- Remove gel or memory foam inserts and rebuild

- Reshape a seat for aesthetics

- Build seat on your own custom pan

- Any other possible mod you could need or want

Call us or text us 7 days from 9am to 9pm EST

and let's go over what we can do



The truth about Memory Foam and Gel Pads

Nothing is more comfortable than a reasonably firm seat shaped to a specific body or preference. I consider gel pads and memory foam to be "snake oils" and find they have no place in a motorcycle seat. A knowledge of ergonomics and seating positions far outweighs the 'quick fix' practiced by most seat companies. Gel gets hot in Summer and cold in Winter, with no supportive properties. Memory foam in theminimal thicknesses used in bike seats virtually disappears when sat on and is no more than a placebo that quickly goes away once the butt pain kicks in. NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING can take the place of ergonomics.

Have us do your seat for you and find out for yourself! 

Your comfort while riding is key to your enjoyment. At CycleOps USA we take it seriously. Doing your job the right way, for us, is the only way.

Most shops hide their lumpy work under soft foams and the like. At CycleOps USA we don't believe in lumps and bumps in your seat, whether visible after recovering or not. EVERY foam mod we make it completely smoothed out and faired in to the surrounding foams so you never see or feel them. Be it a topping layer or finished construction layer, it will always be perfect and smooth.

Example.... A lady rider comes in complaining her seats kills her. She has already had it to another shop and they installed a gel pad (snake oil IMHO). Installed is a bad word, more like chopped out a void and tossed a gel pad in...

This is what I find after peeling the cover...







                                                   Would you want to sit on this                                                       lumpy, uneven butchered

                                                     mess? It hurts just seeing it!

Well, here's what we did to fix it... First I smoothed out all the lumps and bumps and made it flat and even sidfe to side. 

Then I inlaid a slightly more forgiving foam than stock, CAREFULLY fitting the new piece cleanly into the seat like a puzzle, leaving the new just slightly higher than the perimeter, then glue it in place. When dry the edges are faired in and made flush as if all one piece. 

Once faired in we added 1.5" of height to the rider backrest for added support and to eliminate the need for an add-on rider rest. 

And here's the end result... A gorgeous new seat, and as important, one very happy long distance riding customer!

More botched jobs by others that we revived  

Took off the cover off this Cross Country Tour heated seat and BAM, found this mess! You'd have never known if you saw it with the cover on.  A butchered attempt at moving the rider back, but as for the rest I have no idea what they were trying to do! Not only did it have to go back to original, it then had to move the rider 1" forward instead, as well as get lowered and dished. Then the passenger area gets a 1.5" foam inlay. My thanks to the previous "craftsman" so I could do this tutorial for you to understand why you want us doing your seat. 

First, the heating elements were removed, cleaned, and put aside. The bottom got all the dips and bumps cleaned up and reshaped to the customer specs with a nice dish and lowered. The Then the backrest had to be totally re-balanced for symmetry and rake, and then all the reworked foam was smoothed and all faired-in.

Now the rear has been  CLEANLY cut out and prepped smooth and the softer 1.5" foam inlay, test fit, trimmed, and then glued in and left to set.

The front took 1.5" added to go 1" forward of standard so that was glued up and left to set before  doing the careful final shaping and fairing in of all new to old surfaces.

Final shaping all done, then the heat elements and finally it's a seat again, and a much more comfortable one at that!

The finished product dressed to kill!

This is a previously customized Vision solo seat. The original shop butchered it! No back support, center way too high, garbage gel pad and memory foam installed, and just an overall abortion of various layers of different foams, and even yoga mat on the surface! To say it needed help is an understatement! This is what I found when I pulled the old cover!

The first step was to get ride of the gel pad and start adding some proper contour and dishing of the seat bottom.

Next was to start a base for creating the new backrest by building it up with structural foam since there was zero back support previously,as well as clean up and final shape the bottom and sides of the seat shape, fairing and smoothing everything so as to get a perfect finish for the new cover to lay out on. Roughed out pic left, finished pic on right.

Final shaping all done, backrest built, and a dead seat reborn!then the heat elements and finally it's a seat again, and a much more comfortable one at that!

The finished product!

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