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Don't be without your seat to ride for even a minute and keep riding while waiting on your new custom seat from us!

Imagining how frustrating it could be to wait without a seat while anxiously anticipating your new custom seat from us, we developed our Free Seat Exchange Program. 

Whether you can ride all year when you live, or don't want to wait for the Winter to have us do your seat, here's your solution!

*: This Program is limited as to the seats we have in it, we are constantly expanding it. See the list of available seats currently available for exchange.  

How it works... 

1) Place your order.

2) Go ride.

3) When your order is ready and we ship you our seat/s we process a refundable security deposit. When you get it, swap it out, and return your like original seat that deposit is refunded. It's that simple.


*Heated seats with bad elements are not accepted.

*No cross exchanges... we only exchange like seats, no exceptions.

*Seats that have had foam modifications, gel, or cracked pans not accepted 

(Seats that got new covers previously with no foam mods are OK and accepted)

           Victory Seats for Exchange

Late Vision heated
Early Vision heated (no B/R hole)
Early Vision non-heated
Vision Trunk Pads
Cross Country
Cross Roads
Cross Country Tour (CCT) heated
Cross Country Tour 
Cross Country Tour Low/Ness
XC Mustang Day Tripper
Vegas solo standard
Vegas Low solo (also Highball, Gunner,
all Low models)
Kingpin standard
Kingpin Tour
Steel Frame Passenger Pillions, all 3 including Tour
Jackpot solo & Passenger pillion
Jackpot Bandit
Octane std, extended reach, and reduced reach
V92 solo

 Indian Seats for Exchange (Polaris)

Challenger extended reach
Chief/Chieftain/Roadmaster Rogue
Roadmaster solo and passenger pillion
Chief Bobber solo
Scout solo
Scout solo reduced reach
Scout Bobber solo
Scout passenger pillion
Scout Tour passenger pillion

Harley-Davidson Seats for Exchange

Fat Boy '04-'10

More coming soon...
Have a Victory, Indian, or H-D seat gathering dust that you'd like to turn into a little cash? Call or text 305-345-9444 and let's make a deal!
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