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Lloydz hi performance cams wake up your engine like nothing else short of rocket fuel! Increases in torque and driveability are unmatched by any others. Combine with fuel management, intake, exhaust, and timing wheel upgrade and you'll burn up the dyno drum!

Llydz Performance Cams for Victory

  • HOH-501: Strteet Grind. (VM1-DR Cams). Direct Replacement Drop-In cam for all ’09 – ’17 Victory Freedom Motors.
    HOH-504: '09-up Vision, XC/XR/Magnum/Hardball. LLOYD’Z HPT Cams – Touring Models (Cross-Country and Vision Models) ’09 – Current . Requires modification/fitment to OEM components.
    HOH-505: '09-up steel frames and XC/XR/Magnum/Hardball
    HOH-506: '09-up steel frames. (495 Cams). Steel Frame Models W/ 116″ Big Bore Kit, ’09 – Current.

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