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We listened to all the complaints of backfiring and twitchy throttle feel on tip in and decided to do something about it. All 08-present bikes are non-serviceable when it comes to making adjustments. This component will fit all 08-present Victory Motorcycles and will give you the ability to adjust your Idle Air at the turn of a screw. The I.A.C. (Idle Air Controller) on your bikes opens as the throttle is applied making a larger intake leak then needed to support idle air. Our new Valve will allow you to fine tune this for your bike and comes baring the Lloydz name.

Lloydz IAV (Idle Air Controller Adjuster)

  •  What we've seen over the past year in developing this is that all bikes require a slightly different adjustment depending on the pipes, intakes and fueling requirements of that specific motor. The unit can be used on all Victory's from stock to modified in the 08-present model years. The combined use with a Lloyd'z fuel controller is recommended for complete tuning of the fuel curve.

    We've seen:

    • Reduced or eliminated Backfiring
    • Smoother transition on the tip-in throttle feel
    • More Throttle response
    • Improves the Lean Stall condition
    • Allows Idle Air Adjustability
    • Easy to install and use

      HOH-IAV-08: All 08-up Victory with Closed loop systems
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