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The VFC adjusts the fuel mapping under different throttle positions which results in increased power and throttle response, smoother running and eliminates backfiring. HOH-VFC-III: 2000-2007 Victory (all models)HOH-VFC-08: 2008-up Victory (all models) w/Closed Loop Systems

 Includes (2) O2 Resistor Plugs $298.99 IMC-300: Indian Scout/Victory Octane - Includes (2) O2 Resistor Plugs IMC-301: Indian Chieftain, Vintage - Includes (2) O2 Resistor Plugs

Lloydz VFC Fuel Managament Modules

  • Lloydz new VFC III is the next generation Victory Fuel Controller. In addition to its vastly flexible fuel management tune-ability, the VFC III offers added control for performance fuels like Nitrous. Its architecture allows for future "add-ons" from Lloydz. The VFC simply plugs into the existing injector harness - no splicing or cutting existing wires. All VFCs offer 2-year warranty against defect.

    Please note that it is ONLY necessary to revert back to a stock download when installing a VFC on 2002-2007 models. It IS NOT necessary on the 2008-later models. The downloads on the 2008-later models are lean enough that it does not drastically affect the tuning of the VFC.

    The VFC-08 is specifically designed for 2008-2015 Victory's with Closed-Loop fuel systems and offers improved fuel mapping, better fuel economy, and special programming to eliminate deceleration backfiring. The O2 Sensors must also be disconnected on the 2008-later models when installing a VFC.


    • Improved Fuel Mapping
    • Better Fuel Economy
    • Quicker Throttle Response
    • Eliminates Backfiring

    For all 2016 Victory Models, all Octane Models, and all Indian Models the installation of O2 Resistor Plugs will be necessary.

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