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Ideally every motor combination would require a specifically tuned intake system in order to make the most of the combination. We give you some of those options with our new Adjustable intake. This new intake has inserts that can be changed to suit the motor size and combination of parts being used. The benefit is that you can change the way you want your power and in some cases where you want it. 

      As an example, we can install a reduced venturi insert for stock to VM1 Cammed 106 motors that will increase throttle response, fuel efficiency and add more useable power at lower RPM’s. This Venturi reduces from 46mm to 41mm in size and has a maximum rating of 112 Horsepower. For 116 kits we offer a straight 46mm combined with the VM1HP cams and proper exhaust you’ll see an across the board power increase of up to 8 ft lbs of torque. 

HOH-AIS: '08-newer Victory Vision

Lloydz Adjustable Vision Intake

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