Lloyd developed this 109/116 Inch Big Bore specifically for 08 & later Victory Freedom Motors. Our testing has shown the need for a different kind of kit capable of dealing with the new air cooled head and combustion chamber designs. These kits are Perfect for the touring bike.

     Increase the overall power of your bike with a 109/116 inch big bore kit, Designed from high quality ductile iron sleeves and light weight forged pistons to give the best overall power and reliability.

     Our 109/116 kits are comprised of a 105.28mm bore with 2 light weight forged pistons complete with Rings, C-Clips and Wrist Pins. 2 Ductile Sleeved Cylinders (yours) 2 Head Gaskets, 2 Base Gaskets and 4 Dowels.

The 109 inch kit is obtained when you combine this big bore onto a 08-11 Freedom motor of 100 cubic inches to start.

The 116 inch kit is obtained when you combine this big bore with a 08-11 motor that yields a 106 inch displacement.

If you want to create a 116 inch motor from a 100 inch to start with you will need to purchase our stroker kit also.

* For Touring bikes including Vision and Cross Models the VM1-HP-DR Cam grind is the one to use

* For most Steel frame applications we recommend the use of the .495 S&S cams and springs. These cams produce the best overall street power. If you are uncertain about which cam profile to use please call and ask us.

* The Torque Tube Intake System has proven to increase overall power across the board when used with the Big bore Kits. Available for steel frame bikes only, excludes Vision and Cross models.

* A fuel management system, such as the VFC Gen III, will be needed for proper tuning. Existing VFC users will require a Reprogramming of there current unit at no charge.

* Your bike will definitely benefit from Head Work and can be performed while your cylinders are being sleeved.

Please call to order so we can take the proper information.

109/116ci Freedom Big Bore Kits, -8 and newer